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Misskeyマスコット 藍(Ai)

Thank you for finding Misskey! Misskey is a distributed microblogging from the Earth. Misskey and other SNS connect each other because it exists in Fediverse (universe composed of various SNS.)

Why don't you leave from a noisy city for a while, and dive into the new network?

Getting startedManage and develop

A reason to begin Misskey


  • ホームとデッキ(デスクトップ)

  • ウィジェット

  • 高いカスタマイズ性


Many features

Abilities of Misskey

  • 1 posts can contain 1000 characters

    You can configure privaty range of your post finely

    You can hide your improper messages or images

  • Text Formatting

    Let's decorate your posts and profile! Formatting by Misskey Flavored Markdown is available.
  • Reaction

    Let's express your sympathy for posts easily! You can choose 10 kinds of emoticon and attach to posts.
  • Poll

    Let's ask opinions! Let's ask opinions to everyone. You can create up to 10 choices.
  • Drive

    Save your photos and share it! You can manage pictures you attached to posts in your drive.
  • Gaming

    Let's play together! You can battle with other users.
    In Reversi, users' icon show as stones and you can play with customed rule.

See the usage in wiki

Independence and Sociality

You can determine a owner by your intention, or you can manage your own instance.

  • Fediverse

    In misskey, you can follow users in other server because Misskey implements ActivityPub. Not only misskey, you can follow users in other service.
  • Easy server building

    It's easy to construct a Misskey server.
    → Make your instance

Open source

Misskey is a open-source software. You can join in development and translation. You can add your own extension.

GitHubCrowdin(to translate)

  • API

    Make your apps and clients to make your life better. You can use almost all features of Misskey in your apps.
    → Misskey API
  • AGPLv3

    Misskey is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPLv3).
    → License

Getting started

Let's register your account in any instance!

You can talk with users in other instances. Instance URL is part of your ID.

List of recommended instances

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We will add new instances continuously. If you want us to add instances to list, please send to @aqz@misskey.xyz.


Notify release notes at any time.


People who join in Misskey development.

Misskey is now in internet news! (In Japanese)


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